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Happy Birthday Teen Top's Chunji♥

Annyeong. This is me Eisya. E-I-S-Y-A. Since it already 5 october I want to say Happy birthday to Lee ChunHee, or Heenie Oppa ! Hye I got a nickname for you, dont you like it ? As you know, I'm big fans of TeenTop. i'm Angels. Sorry Heenie oppa I don't give you any present but i make a video for you , special for your birthday ~ but i know that you never watch my video T-T but i hope you'll watch my video one day ~ For your infomation, my bias in Teentop is Chunji, thats why I do this video for him. Ohyeah Heenie oppa, enjoy your birthday with the members okay ? Stay health. May you always be successful in your carrier and stay cute.Saranghae♥ SAENGIL CHUKAHAMNIDA OPPAAAAAAAA ! :3

written by me Wednesday, October 5, 2011 12:21 AM